Noughts and Crosses

Based on the critically acclaimed book by Malorie Blackman, Noughts and Crosses was first brought to life by Dominic Cooke and the RSC in 2007. Unable to put race at the core of our production, we focused on the deep divisions that are ever-present in today’s society.

In this production, performed in Annabel's from November 21 - 23, the creative and interesting Noughts were suppressed by the myopic and downright dull Crosses. Also at the heart of this story lay the seemingly insurmountable obstacles encountered by a young couple who fell in love. Callum and Sephy were born on different sides but remain desperate to carve a path out for themselves, together. With a fractured backdrop of divisions and hatred, it became obvious that this would be impossible.

The cast was led by emotional and naturalistic performances from Hamish and Imogen. They brilliantly led the audience on their journey and many of us felt their pain and sadness at Callum’s execution in the final scene. With fantastic performances from all the cast members across a range of year groups, Noughts and Crosses was a fast paced and moving production.              

I was seriously moved – gob smacked by the whole performance.”

Amazing, such a talented team, such convincing young people.”