Richard Browning and Daedalus

On Friday 6 October, school pupils and staff gathered on the sports fields in front of the school, to witness Richard Browning take flight in the world's first jet-engine human suit named Daedalus.

In March 2017 Richard founded a company called Gravity. The company has invented, built and filed patents for a human propulsion technology that re-imagines manned flight. Their technology combines body mounted miniaturised jet-engines with a specially designed exo-skeleton allowing vertical take off and flight. The 'Daedalus' their mark 1 jet-engine suit is pioneering an entirely new category in aviation history.

Gravity has gone from an audacious dream to a patent pending technology powering the worlds first human propulsion flight, all in less than 12 months and their vision is to build an entirely new generation of human flight systems for commercial and entertainment applications.

Within two weeks of their launch, Gravity was featured in press all over the world generating more than 60m video views and reaching a billion people.

Our school community was witness to an amazing (and very loud!) display of the suit in action. Please see video below:

After the display our pupils were able to meet the man beneath the suit, and there was a period of Q&A's, and then he joined the Physics Society to deliver a lecture about his ambitions and the trial and error process behind his remarkable invention.

Thank you so much to Richard from all of us for your time and this fantastic demonstration.