Angus Macpherson (66/71)

Elected as Wiltshire Police Commissioner.

OD and School Governor, Angus Macpherson is Wiltshire’s first ever police and crime commissioner after securing an election victory over five other candidates last week. He was the first of 41 new commissioners to be announced as Wiltshire was the only force area where counting took place overnight.

Angus Macpherson is an accountant who has previously served as a borough councillor in Swindon and as a member of the police authority.

He said the new position was "a vitally important job which will make a real positive difference to the lives of all of us living in Swindon and Wiltshire".

"I will work closely with the local authorities and others who can help reduce crime, reduce re-offending, improve efficiency and make the criminal justice system better for victims, in a transparent and accountable way."