David Edgington (1956 – 62)

Being always interested in early forms of internal combustion engine, David in 1974, (with his wife Doreen) launched a magazine devoted to the restoration and preservation of old stationary engines, worldwide. Although the magazine (Stationary Engine) is now owned by a well-known publisher David has remained editorial consultant, contributing on monthly basis on all topics of engine preservation. Since 1983 he has researched and written fifteen books on the products of various well known stationary engine manufacturers. He also devotes much time to encouraging young people to take up the hobby of restoring and preserving old engines, endeavouring to persuade a move away from an internet orientated lifestyle to a pastime with possibilities of leading to a career in engineering.

For forty years devoted to the preservation of old stationary engines David Edgington was appointed MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours.

David W.Edgington email: Ddlwf123@aol.com