OD Sponsored Cyle Ride

 In 5 weeks myself and a friend are cycling from Durham to Birmingham (215 miles) in as fast as possible (current estimates of about 14 hours). We are doing so for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young. Famous for its help from Fabrice Muamba. However the reason we are raising for this charity is that James Browne, the person I am riding with had his father pass away in 2010 whilst in Egypt from an unexpected cardiac arrest. Had he had a heart screening any time before this happened, the fault in his heart would have been spotted and he would probably still be here today. We ride on the 22nd June 2013.

Any support would be greatly appreciated, the link for our just giving page is:



you can donate by text message by sending a text to 70070 with the following:

NKVQ96 £ followed by the amount you want to donate

Thanks a lot.


Olly Kinsey (03/08)