Dress Regulations

Sixth Form pupils are not expected to wear school uniform but their dress and appearance should be in a style that would be appropriate for a formal business environment.

The following guidelines will help in deciding what is appropriate:


  • A suit or a sports jacket/blazer and formal trousers.
  • A formal monochrome or discreetly striped or checked collared shirt.
  • A V-neck jumper or waistcoat.
  • A tie.
  • Black or brown shoes; they should not have thick soles or treads.
  • Corduroy, denim or canvas clothing or shoes should not be worn.
  • A raincoat may be worn, but this must be in addition to the required jacket.
  • Jewellery, if worn, should not be visible. Earrings may not be worn.


  • A smart formal skirt, which should be approximately of knee length, or a tailored pair of trousers.
  • A smart jacket to match (denim, suede, etc would be inappropriate).
  • Trousers cut in the style of jeans with patch pockets at the back should not be worn; nor should those that are ‘skinny fit’.
  • A collared blouse, polo neck or a plain scoop neck or v-neck top (no low necklines or T-shirts with logos).
  • A V-neck pullover, but not a sweatshirt or a hooded top.
  • Practical shoes, but not boots.
  • A raincoat may be worn, but this must be in addition to the required jacket.
  • Jewellery and make up, if worn, should be discreet. If earrings are worn there should be only one small earring in each lower ear lobe.

New Sixth Form entrants should confirm the sports they will be playing before purchasing games kit.

Essential Tips

  • Girls' staples: a pair of black trousers and/or skirt with a smart jacket.
  • Boy's staples: a least two smart ties and a dark suit.
  • Clothes should not be over-sized or under-sized.
  • Clothes and shoes should not be of an extreme colour or style.
  • No exposed midriffs.
  • No low-cut tops.
  • No jeans-style tousers.
  • No flip-flops!