Musical Instrument Lessons

Information for pupils requiring music lessons at Dauntsey’s School
From September 2017.

Over 400 musical instrument lessons are currently scheduled each week on the full range of orchestral instruments, as well as piano, organ, classical guitar, electric guitars and singing. 

Participation in musical activities is to be regarded as an essential component of musical tuition. Pupils taking music tuition are expected to join orchestras, bands, chamber ensembles and choirs, at appropriate standards, in order for pupils to develop fully their musicianship.

Pupils in the Fourth Form and below have their lessons during the academic timetable, scheduled on a rotating basis to avoid missing any particular subject more than others. However, if more than one instrument is learnt, the second (or third) will be fixed outside academic times. Pupils in the Fifth and Sixth Form take all their music lessons during free time or private study periods.

The current lesson charges (from September 2017) for instruments/singing are:

· One instrument: £32 per lesson 
· Each additional instrument: £24 per lesson
· Use of a School instrument: £55 per term

Please note that if lessons are to be discontinued a full term’s notice should be given in writing to the Director of Music. Fees are charged in arrears and not in advance.

All instrument cases must be clearly named and parents should ensure that instruments are insured under their own policy. Music should also be clearly named.

Whilst most lessons can be started immediately we do have a waiting list for some lessons so early submission of the online form below is strongly recommended.

If you would like any more information about music lessons at Dauntsey’s please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Davey on 01380 814546 or email d.davey@dauntseys.org

Request for Musical Instrument Lessons

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I understand that pupils in the fourth form and below have instrument lessons timetabled in academic times on a rotation basis.  I will give a term’s notice in writing to the Director of Music for the discontinuation of lessons, otherwise that term’s fees will be charged in lieu.
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