11 + Scholarships

Academic Scholarships at this point of entry are awarded on the results of the Entrance Examination and Entrance Interviews, held in mid January. Awards for Music and Sport are offered either through audition or sports assessment.  Scholarships and Awards carry remission of a maximum of 10% of the School fees.

For entry in September 2018, the Entrance Examination will be held on Tuesday 23 January 2018,  interviews will be held on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 January 2018.

Head Master's Awards are also available at 11+ entry and all pupils are assessed for these as part of the interview and examination process.  These are discretionary awards and are intended to acknowledge those academically able candidates who will also bring additional talents and abilities to our school community. 

For all scholarships and awards, fee remission is capped at a maximum of 10% of the School fees.  Additional funding for those in financial need is  available  through a Scholarship Supplement . Application is made by completing  comprehensive financial declaration and submitting this to the Bursar following the offer of a scholarship or award.

Information about the entrance examination , interview as well as details on how to apply for a music scholarship or sports award will be sent to all registered applicants in mid-November 2017.

Please contact the Admissions team with any queries: admissions@dauntseys.org, tel:+44 (0)1380 814506


Sports Award

The assessment will take place on Saturday 20 January 2018 and will consist of:

  • Fitness drills, speed and aerobic
  • Skills – hockey/rugby/netball/cricket (as applicable)
  • Candidates should come dressed in sports kit with the relevant trainers and/or boots. Please allow a half day for the assessment. 

Music Award

Auditions take place on either Thursday 25 or Friday 26 January 2018. The music audition will consist of an interview, sight reading and aural tests. Candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces on at least one instrument (or voice) and be of Grade 3 or above standard. Each audition should last approximately half an hour.