Applicants from Russia/Eastern Europe

Pre-tests for overseas candidates

Because of the differences in educational provision in Russia and other Eastern European countries, Dauntsey's prefers candidates to take the UKiset online tests. These tests have been devised by Gabbitas, the leading British educational consultancy and will be organised by Gabbitas in the candidate’s home country.

Details of the tests can be found on the UKiset website (www.ukiset.com).

Parents or agents should register for Dauntsey's by sending a completed Registration Form and £100 registration fee, together with a recent school report, agent summary or personal statement, to the Admission Office.

Once a candidate has taken the Ukiset test their results will be sent directly to Dauntsey’s and together with the school report, and pupil statement/agent’s report will form the initial assessment.

Successful candidates will then be invited to take the relevant Dauntsey’s entrance examinations and arrangements will be made for interview either at Dauntsey's or via Skype.  For candidates who do not offer the UKiset test, Dauntsey's will assess suitability for testing by school report, personal statement and agent's reference.