Academic Enrichment

Extended Project Qualification

Members of the Lower Sixth can sign up for the optional Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which provides an opportunity to extend your abilities beyond the A level syllabus and to prepare for university or your future career. It can also be used to earn extra UCAS points. Mr Andrew Brown oversees the EPQ and pupils who sign up will be expected to work on this over the summer prior to their Upper Sixth year.

The Monday Club

This is a discussion forum intended to encourage academic debate and to prepare pupils for competitive courses in subjects as diverse as archaeology and anthropology through to philosophy and PPE. Members meet over a long lunch for much of the Summer and Autumn Terms. Under the chairmanship of Mr Nigel Yates, opinions are exchanged in a spirit of unconstrained debate.

The Head Master’s Essay Society

Organised by Mr Nigel Yates, this is a selected group of Upper Sixth pupils who are each asked to give a presentation to their peers on a subject of their choosing. The Society provides a forum for the School’s most talented senior pupils to thrive intellectually. Many members run a session with the Junior Scholars’ Society, presenting a shortened form of their papers for discussion. Members of the society, along with other pupils from the Upper School, will have the opportunity to attend discussions with visiting academics, including prior to one of the Mercers’ Lectures.

The Mercers’ Lectures

A visiting lecturer holds workshops with the Sixth Form in the afternoon, followed by a lecture to the wider school community in the evening. Past eminent speakers include Allister Hignell, Ann Widdecombe and Michael Portillo. This year’s programme is busier than ever, with several sought-after speakers including Monty Halls, Baroness D'Souza and Derek Redmond.

Every Sixth Former is expected to attend at least two of the lectures, although it is hoped that you will make the most of this excellent opportunity and attend many more.

Trips and workshops

Departments often organise trips, lectures, plays and workshops, adding enrichment to the academic timetable. Also, part way through the Lower Sixth year there will be opportunities for some pupils to widen their experience in preparation for the rigorous interviews expected by more selective universities.


Oxbridge preparation

Normally after the AS exams some pupils will wish to seek support for Oxbridge applications; they should discuss this with their House staff and Mr Lees for science-based courses and Dr Wells for humanities. The relevant academic departments will then give support to pupils in the form of extra lessons, advice on extended reading and interview practice. The extra lessons for Oxbridge preparation are run by departments in the Summer and Autumn Terms.