Study Skills

In the Sixth Form successful pupils realise that there is more work to be done independently. At A level the work contains deeper concepts and the skills taught are more complex. As a result you will need to spend more of your own time reading, consolidating your work and practising the skills that you have encountered in class. This will vary between subjects, so you will need to listen to your teachers’ advice and to act upon it. The sooner you can learn to organise your own time, the sooner you will pick up the skills of independent study and time-management that will make all the difference at this level and in higher education.

Private study periods

Each week you should expect to be set about three hours’ work in each AS subject (in addition to your work in class). This work is to be done in your own time, but some of it will take place in private study periods – you should have about eight private study periods per week. You can spend your private study period in your House area, but the ideal location is the Library. As a Sixth Former you have sole use of the mezzanine area, but you can work in any part of the Library. Although private study time is intended for academic work, you are allowed to attend other activities such as music or driving lessons at these times, provided that permission for the latter has been given by your House staff.

Top Tips

Get to grips with, and acknowledge the importance of, independent learning as soon as possible. This is the key to a successful academic career in the Sixth Form.

Use your free periods wisely. If you do, you’ll have less to do at weekends and in the evenings, and you won’t fall behind.

Class sizes are smaller so you get more contact with the staff, and lessons are more like seminars, which is really stimulating.