Sport and Adventure

Sport plays an important role in the School curriculum and Sixth Form pupils are expected, and encouraged, to take an active part. There are many team and individual activities available, from recreational to competitive levels. Along with members of the Upper Sixth, you will have games on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. In addition there is an extensive programme of sporting fixtures; these take place mainly on Saturdays. The team games are:

Term Boys Girls
Autumn Rugby Hockey
Spring Hockey (Basketball and Football) Netball
Summer Cricket (Athletics and Tennis) Athletics and Tennis

 The major team sports take priority, but if you are not required for the major game of that term, you will be released into the option system. Options include squash, modern dance, golf, basketball, badminton, rowing, conditioning, aerobics, triathlon, swimming, cross-country, karate, football – and many more!

Included in this options programme is the opportunity to take part in voluntary work in the local community (VSU) or to take an active role in the production of The Dauntseian magazine.

Taking an active part in sports and/or the options programme provides extra, and valuable, information for your university application form.

In the spirit of Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, this film was made to celebrate the energy, the enthusiasm, the strength and the talent of all the girls at Dauntsey’s. (March 2015)

Get involved

“ Do not be shy to ask people for help around School when you’re new, everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming. Get involved with as much as you can, particularly sport! ”

— Sixth Form pupil