Spiritual life

Dauntsey's School is a Christian foundation with a full-time Chaplaincy. Pupils of other faith, and those of none, are welcome and the services are not narrowly denominational. Our aim is to foster deep-rooted spirituality and moral values in all our pupils.

During the week there are various assemblies and services, catering for pupils of all ages, including a mid-week service for the whole School. There is a voluntary service of Holy Communion every week and on Sundays there is a short service for boarders, to which day pupils and all parents are warmly welcomed.

A Confirmation Service is held annually. A preparation course is held by the Chaplains for those who wish to consider Confirmation as part of their spiritual development whilst at Dauntsey's.

The full-time Chaplain is a member of the teaching staff, yet has a particular responsibility for the welfare of the whole School community of pupils, academic, administrative and domestic staff.