Head of Basketball: Alun Pickford

Background: Alun Pickford joined Dauntsey’s in 1998 having played and coached basketball in the North London area. He played at Watford, Stanmore and Trowbridge basketball clubs and was involved when Stanmore won the Founders Cup in the mid 1990’s. He coached the U17 Hertfordshire team and set up basketball as a school sport at his previous school in North London, as well as at Dauntsey’s. He is Head of the Design Technology Department.

Basketball at Dauntsey's

Basketball is played at Dauntsey’s throughout all three terms with the match season falling in the Spring Term. Coaching is aimed at fostering individual and team skills as well as preparing pupils to represent the School at senior level. There is a big emphasis on teamwork, strategy and organisation and pupils are encouraged to continue to develop their skills outside of formal coaching time. Boys who select basketball for a games option give themselves the opportunity to be selected for the squad session in the Spring Term. Basketball is coached through games sessions and is not only for team players who go on to represent the school. There is a club session once a week throughout the year which is open to pupils across all year groups.

During the Spring Term matches are played against a number of independent and local state schools, always with the intention of having competitive fixtures. A large emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship but fair aggressive competition.