The Arts

Drama, music, dance and art all flourish at Dauntsey's.

Activities in the Art School and the Design Centre are popular beyond the timetabled curriculum and many pupils discover and develop talents which remain with them throughout their lives.

The five studios that comprise the Art Centre offer facilities for fine art, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography and computer graphics. The Design Technology Department offers pupils the opportunity to develop and explore their ideas through a wide range of media, including the use of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture.

The Music Department enjoys a fine reputation and offers a wide range of instrumental lessons, with over half of all pupils at Dauntsey's learning at least one instrument. Consequently, school concerts are numerous - an average of two each week - and varied, ranging from chamber music to rock extravaganzas.

There is enthusiastic support for Drama at Dauntsey's at all levels. Several productions of varying styles are staged throughout the year and there are many opportunities for pupils to become involved in front and backstage activities. A rich pool of talent emerges from this vibrant area of school life.

Broad and balanced

“ Work and extra-curricular activities are integral parts of everyday life at Dauntsey's. We aim to instil a love of learning and a curiosity that will ensure pupils make the most of the many opportunities on offer. ”

— Director of Studies, Mark Neve

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