The School Day

Whether day or boarding, all Dauntsey's pupils begin their day with registration and a short meeting with their housemaster or housemistress which takes place in their house. On weekdays, there are eight taught periods in the day, whilst on Saturdays there are six.

Two long breaks are scheduled during the day giving pupils plenty of time for clubs and societies, (over 70 to chose from) and prep, (which takes place in Houses). Day pupils usually arrive home having taken part in a club and completed prep for the following day, boarding pupils also have either one or two evening preps scheduled.

Weekday Timetable at Dauntsey's

7.30 ̶ 8.00 Breakfast
8.15 Manor minibus departs for Main School Site
Day pupils arrive at School
8.25 House Registration and Meeting
8.35 Assembly or Tutor Period
8.55 ̶ 10.50 Periods 1,2 and 3
10.50 ̶ 11.15 Break
11.15 ̶ 13.50 Periods 4,5, 6 and 7
Lunch is taken in either Period 5,6 or 7
13.50 ̶ 14.45 Long Break - clubs, prep or free time
14.45 ̶ 16.00 Period 8 and 9
16.00 First Manor Bus leaves
16.20 ̶ 17.20 Prep or Clubs
17.30 Transport departs (for day pupils)
Second Manor bus for Lower School boarders
18.00 ̶ 19.00 Boarders Prep
19.00 Supper
19.45 ̶ 20.45 Prep for Upper School Boarders
20.30 onwards Check-in and bedtimes, according to age

All Lower School pupils have sport every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Sport for the Upper School is timetabled every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Moonrakers is scheduled every Friday afternoon for the Third Form.

Saturday Timetable

8.25 House Registration and Meeting
8.35 ̶ 10.30 Periods 1,2 and 3
10.30 ̶ 10.50 Break
10.50 ̶ 12.45 Periods 4,5, and 6

Lunch is served from midday until 13.10
13.30 First Manor bus leaves
Afternoon Sports matches

Art, DT, Swimming Pool, Library open for prep and activities
16.30 Transport for day pupils leave

Second Manor bus leaves