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An Adventurous Education

Physics, Science, Hovercraft, Independent School

The Dauntsey's spirit of adventure goes far beyond learning survival skills in the outdoors, or taking to the high seas in our Tall Ship, Jolie Brise, it is present in all aspects of life at school, not least within the classroom.

At Dauntsey's we offer an adventurous education. The resilience, determination, and willingness to push personal boundaries that many pupils discover through physical challenges are a key aspect of life in the classroom too.

Every member of the school – teachers as well as pupils – is encouraged to question and explore intellectually, approach topics from unexpected angles, unpick and rebuild ideas and attitudes.

We want our pupils to challenge ideas, to do their own research and form their own opinions. It is an exciting, interactive process in which strongminded young people are ready to ask “What if…?“ or “How about…?” when they are presented with a new concept or problem. They will inevitably meet failure as well as success, but they learn from both and move on.

Today an estimated 65 per cent of children entering primary school will work in jobs that do not currently exist.  All the more important then to develop an ability to think round an issue, come up with novel solutions and be willing to adapt and respond to any situation - or role - in which you find yourself.

Our approach ensures that we are equipping pupils with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in whatever the future holds for them.

Adventure at Dauntsey's

We have a discerning approach to developing our adventure education curriculum and are particularly keen to take advantage of our wonderful 150-acre campus and surrounding area.

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Life in the Lower School

When pupils arrive into Lower School at Dauntsey's they will be part of a cohort of around 100 children who have come from over 60 different schools, state and prep, local and overseas.  

Life in the Middle School

Joining the Middle School (Fourth and Fifth Form) at Dauntsey's is a pivotal moment in a pupil's life. 

Life in the Sixth Form

Moving up into Sixth Form is a key milestone in any pupil’s educational journey.  It is a step up academically, emotionally and socially and the Sixth Form offering at Dauntsey’s has been developed to reflect this.