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Dauntsey's 'In Focus'

An 'In Focus' look at topics from the perspective of staff and pupils at Dauntsey's.

Everyone starts life as a scientist

Physics is a real-world subject; we are surrounded by it, and indeed using it all the time. James Johns, Head of Physics, believes the key to inspiring future Physicists is tapping into our innate childhood curiosity and sense of adventure and combining it with the skills to investigate and analyse in an organised manner. 

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Let’s talk about…Men’s Health
  • Pastoral
  • Student

Last year, I decided for the first time I would get involved in Movember.  There were too many alarming statistics out there, and in my mind not enough noise around the issue - I felt compelled to do something and so my challenge began.

The importance of creative thinking
  • Academics

Being creative isn’t a series of one-off events. It’s a way of thinking and behaving, says Victoria Rose, Head of Art and Design. And during repeated lockdowns, both staff and pupils needed plenty of it.

Languages open doors
  • Academics

Understanding another language apart from English sets students apart from their monolingual peers. Apart from the obvious career benefits, one of the best aspects of learning a language is the pleasure gained from being able to communicate with others in their native tongue.