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Vision, Ethos and Aims

A view of the school grounds with basket ball court, green spaces and buildings


The school will deliver a fulfilling, adventurous and inspiring education for every pupil, in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Pupils will leave Dauntsey’s confident in the knowledge that they have achieved their very best, experienced all they could and ready for their next journey.


Dauntsey’s is a supportive, energetic and creative community with a strong family atmosphere. It is a school where friendships, generosity of spirit and mutual respect really matter, and where independent minds, adventurous souls and socially conscious individuals thrive. 


  • To achieve strong public examination results, while instilling a life-long love of learning, through excellent and innovative teaching
  • To deliver outstanding pastoral care, where every pupil and staff member is known, valued and respected, and where kindness, courtesy, compassion and tolerance are ever-present
  • To offer first-class, tailored university and careers advice in order to find the best future path for each individual
  • To provide a broad range of co-curricular activities, which offer adventure, opportunities and challenge
  • To ensure the school remains a benefit to the local community and beyond, through offering a partnership programme, service and fee-assisted places
  • To cherish and protect our environment, while also reducing our carbon footprint



Five Dauntsey's Values


Being open to trying new experiences and willing to follow your own direction in life.


Being aware of the opportunities you have been given and how you can best use those to help yourself and others in the future.


Being confident in yourself, in what you stand for and in your ability to make a difference.


Recognising that setbacks can be the first step towards success and being prepared to learn from mistakes and try again.


Being respectful of others, of the environment and of yourself.