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Ethos and Aims

A view of the school grounds with basket ball court, green spaces and buildings


Dauntsey’s is lively, creative and caring. It is a happy place with a strong family atmosphere, where independent minds, a sense of adventure and spirituality, social responsibility and moral values are encouraged. The school strives to offer good value for money, recognising that our parents often make considerable financial sacrifices to send their children here. Privilege is not taken for granted or assumed.  Community, in its widest sense, underpins the Dauntsey’s ethos. Friendship is at the heart of the special atmosphere at Dauntsey’s – friendship between pupils, friendship between staff, and friendship between pupils and staff. Courtesy, good manners and old-fashioned values matter, while generosity of spirit is encouraged and expected. Relationships are relaxed and informal based on mutual respect and this extends to parents and alumni.


  • To educate our pupils to be kind, courteous, compassionate, caring, tolerant and thoughtful
  • To develop confident but not arrogant pupils, who are down to earth, adventurous, articulate and responsible
  • To ensure that every pupil fulfils their potential, while growing in confidence and independence along the way
  • To deliver outstanding pastoral care where every pupil is known, within a diverse and inclusive community
  • To ensure the well-being of pupils and staff
  • To provide a broad range of co-curricular activities, which offer adventure, opportunities and challenge
  • To maintain the school’s strong academic profile by providing a balanced, adventurous and innovative curriculum, delivered by a talented and committed teaching staff
  • To provide a range of opportunities for pupils to become flexible and creative thinkers, by stimulating intellectual curiosity through academic enrichment, independent learning and a complementary curriculum
  • To nurture and develop the school’s commitment to the wider local community
  • To broaden access to the school