Ethos and Aims


Dauntsey’s is a fully co-educational school with a Christian ethos, providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere where staff and pupils have every opportunity to fulfil their potential and to achieve their aspirations, both academically and otherwise. The School is lively, creative and caring and is a happy place with a strong family atmosphere; independent minds, a sense of adventure and spirituality, social responsibility and moral values are encouraged.

In fulfilling our ethos, we seek to achieve the following aims:

  • To maintain the School's strong academic profile by providing a balanced, progressive and innovative curriculum, delivered by a talented and committed teaching staff.
  • To provide a range of opportunities for pupils to become flexible thinkers, by stimulating intellectual curiosity through academic enrichment, independent learning and a complementary curriculum.
  • To maintain and develop the School's outstanding pastoral care, within a diverse and inclusive community, ensuring the well-being of pupils and staff.
  • To provide a school environment which promotes self-confidence, well-being, a feeling of self-worth and emotionally resilient pupils.
  • To provide a broad range of extra curricular activities and opportunities, which develop pupils as adventurous, confident, articulate, tolerant and responsible individuals who are ready to take their place in the modern world.
  • To maintain the School's strong commitment to boarding.
  • To nurture and develop the School's commitment to the local community and to broaden access through a bursary scheme.
Who you are boils down to attitude, kindness and enthusiasm here at Dauntsey's, and we love it.

- Dauntsey's parent