Applying for the 100% Bursary Scheme

The first stage in the application process is to complete a Bursary Application Form and submit this to the Bursar. See download link below.

Initial selection will be based on the financial declaration on this form and eligible candidates will be invited to take the relevant entrance exams in January 2020 for entry in September 2020.

A report will be requested from a candidate's current School in advance of the examinations and interviews. Following assessment, all applications for 100% bursaries will be subject to comprehensive means testing.

Candidates selected for 100% bursaries will be notified in February and will not be identified within the School as benefiting from a bursary place.

All pupils in receipt of a bursary will have their academic progress and the family financial circumstances reviewed annually.

For further information or guidance on financial details please contact Will Ethelston, Bursar, tel: 01380 814512 or email: 

Key Dates for 2020 Entry

Closing Date

Closing date for 100% Bursary Scheme: Monday, 21 October 2019

11+ Entrants

Pupils applying for entry at 11+ will be invited to take examinations in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning and be interviewed on Tuesday 21, January 2020.

13+ Entrants

Pupils applying for entry at 13+ will be invited to take examinations on Wednesday, 22 January 2020 and interviews will take place on the day or soon after. Applicants will sit papers in English, Mathematics and Science.

Sixth Form Entrants

Sixth Form applicants will be invited to take examinations on Wednesday, 22 January 2020 and interviews will take place on the day or soon after. Applicants will sit papers in English, Mathematics and a General Paper.

The final selection process will take place as soon as possible once all entrance tests and interviews have been completed. We expect to notify the results of the selection process in early February 2020.
Admissions Calendar

Please download forms here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dauntsey’s 100% Bursary Scheme and who is it for?

Dauntsey’s 100% Bursary Scheme is available to any child who fully meets the academic requirements for a place at Dauntsey’s, but whose parents or guardians have no realistic prospect of meeting the costs of independent schooling.

The scheme has been operating since 2009, and children from a wide range of backgrounds and family circumstances have benefited. We are an inclusive School and our bursary scheme has been very successful for a number of children from less well off families.

Why has Dauntsey’s introduced this scheme?

The Charitable Objectives of Dauntsey’s School require that a proportion of our fee income is provided annually to support means-tested bursaries. The Governing Body feels that a 100% Bursary Scheme provides a genuine opportunity to broaden access to the School to children whose parents could not in ordinary circumstances contemplate private education on financial grounds.

Is there a minimum level of income to qualify for consideration for a 100% bursary?

We have not set a minimum qualifying level of income because individual financial circumstances vary widely. However, all applications for 100% Bursaries are subject to comprehensive means testing of income, investments and capital assets. You are most likely to qualify for consideration for a 100% bursary if you would never have considered sending your child to an independent school on financial grounds.

How many spaces are available?

We offer up to 3 places annually.

When should we apply for a place and what is the procedure?

You may apply at any time before the deadline date of 5 November prior to the year of entry. Selection normally takes place in January of the year prior to entry in September. The deadline for receipt of applications is published annually on the School website and is normally close to the autumn half term break. The selection process will involve an initial financial assessment, academic selection tests, interview and detailed means-testing.

How are candidates selected?

Candidates will be considered by a selection panel which will assess their academic merit and performance at interview.

Can I come and visit Dauntsey's?

You are most welcome to attend one of our Open Mornings, held in May and October each year. Please note that due to the high application rate for the 100% Bursary Scheme, it is not possible to arrange private visits to the School for those considering applying for the Scheme. Successful applicants will be offered an opportunity to visit the School before accepting the 100% bursary place.

If our application is unsuccessful is there any method of appealing against the decision?

The scheme is operated at the discretion of the Governors of Dauntsey’s School and there is no mechanism for seeking to appeal an unsuccessful application for a 100% bursary.

Can I apply if I don’t need a 100% bursary, but I cannot afford the total fee?

Not normally. It is the Governors intent that places are offered to those who have very limited means.

Is the scheme open to boarding and day pupils?

Yes. Applications may be submitted for either boarding or day places. Boarding places will not normally be offered to prospective pupils who are able to access our bus routes.

What year groups can apply?

We accept applications for entry at 11+, 13+ and 16+.

Are the children identifiable within the school as ‘free place’ pupils?

No. The process is confidential and children on 100% Bursaries will not be identified.

Are there any costs involved at all?

Parents will be invited to make a contribution towards the costs that they would normally incur in providing for their children. This would include, for example, a boarding pupil who would otherwise be fed at home or the cost of lunches for day pupils. Charges would also be payable for individual tuition for sports coaching, music lessons and any specialist learning support at a reduced rate.

What does the 100% bursary cover?

The bursary will cover all boarding or day fees and, depending on financial circumstances, will also provide funding for other specific essential academic activities. Examples of additional support that would be considered for funding would include academic field trips. Additional funding needs would be assessed on a case by case basis.

Does the bursary last from year of entry until completion of A levels?

Yes, provided that acceptable academic progress is maintained. In addition, the bursary will be subject to an annual means-tested review.

What are the academic standards required and how are they assessed?

Applicants for 11+ and 13+ will be required to sit entrance tests in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. Candidates meeting our minimum academic standards will be invited for interview. In addition, the School will wish to see reports from the current school including a specific recommendation from the Headmaster. For 6th Form applicants we will wish to see predicted GCSE grades in addition to a Headmaster’s report and recommendation from the current school.

Where can I obtain more details?

Further details may be obtained from the Bursar’s Secretary or the Registrar. Their contact details are:

Mrs Sarah Budd, Bursar’s PA. 01380 814516,

Mrs J H Sagers, Registrar. 01380 814504,