Exam Guidelines for 11+

GUIDELINES 11+ Mathematics Examination

Time allowed: 1 hour

The emphasis in the entrance examination is upon potential rather than purely on techniques already acquired and every effort is made to allow mathematical intelligence to show itself. However, knowledge of the following topics will certainly be an advantage:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers.
  • Simple fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Knowledge of factors, multiples, prime numbers, etc.
  • Perimeter, area and volume of simple figures.
  • Applications of arithmetic to problems concerning money, distance, speed, time, capacity, etc.
  • Interpretation of bar charts and other simple forms of graph.
  • The symmetry of reflections and simple rotations.
  • Elementary geometry - angles, shapes, angles on a clock face, etc.

The examination will consist of a single, non-calculator paper divided into two parts. Section A will contain a number of short questions and candidates are advised to spend no longer than 35 to 40 minutes on this section. Section B is perhaps more demanding, but gives a chance for the child to show his or her mathematical potential. It contains a small number of questions, each of which requires a more extended approach and will be less structured than those in Section A. Experience of the following could be useful:

  • Spotting number patterns or sequences.
  • Axiomatic work; reading a new set of rules and using them.
  • Drawing careful, accurate diagrams.
  • Estimation to arrive at approximate answers.
  • Simple ideas of algebra - using letters for numbers.

GUIDELINES 11+ English Examination

ONE PAPER, one hour in length.

The examination will test reading and writing skills.

Candidates will be asked to read an extract from a text. Comprehension questions on this passage will test their understanding on a factual level, and will also require candidates to read interpretatively. The spelling and punctuation of answers will be a factor in the mark given.

The final question on the paper will invite candidates to write a short creative piece, closely linked to the passage they have just read. This answer will be assessed on the quality of expression and imagination, as well as fluency and technical accuracy. It will carry a significant number of marks, and candidates will be advised to leave enough time to answer this question, and to check their answer.


Interviews are with two members of the academic staff and last approximately 20 minutes. Candidates are also asked to bring with them something of which they are particularly proud (this is merely an "ice breaker" and not a test!).