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Outside the Classroom

Whether a boarder or a day pupil, our Sixth Formers enjoy a thriving social life, and there are a large number of events and activities to ensure there is never a dull moment.

  • Music at Dauntsey’s encompasses almost every conceivable musical style, ranging from rock to classical, medieval to modern, folk songs to music technology. Events take place most weeks, such as musicals, solo concertos, choral spectaculars and the highly competitive Rockfest.

  • Drama is one of our most exciting areas and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved either on stage or behind the scenes.
  • Clubs and Activities - we pride ourselves on the huge range of clubs and societies that exist to provide enrichment and breadth to the academic curriculum. All clubs are run by enthusiastic members of staff and many of these clubs have been started at the direct request of pupils.
  • The Head Master’s Essay Society is organised by Mr Nigel Yates. A selected group of Upper Sixth students are each asked to give a presentation to their peers on a subject of their choosing, providing a forum for the school’s most senior pupils to thrive intellectually.
  • The Mercers’ Lectures: a visiting lecturer holds workshops with the Sixth Form in the afternoon, followed by a lecture to the wider school community in the evening. Past eminent speakers include Simon Reeves, Carrie Gracie, Sean Fitzpatrick and Heather Stanning.  Every Sixth Former is expected to attend at least two of the lectures, although it is hoped that they will make the most of this excellent opportunity and attend many more.


Do not be shy to ask people for help around School when you’re new. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming, and get involved with as much as you can.

Sixth Form Pupil

A group are playing pool whilst others sit at tables talking

Social Life

The Sixth Form social 'epicentre', the 17 Club, is based in the heart of the school and is open at various times in the school day and at weekends. The Club sells sweets and drinks, and in the evenings it also serves alcohol under adult supervision. At the moment, boarders in the Sixth Form are entitled to two free alcoholic drinks for each week of the term. Annual highlights are the Halloween Party and the Valentine's Ball. If you wish to join the 17 Club you must apply for, and be granted, membership - the application process involves parental agreement.