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Life in the Middle School

Joining the Middle School at Dauntsey's is a pivotal moment in a pupil's life.  At the end of the Third Form they say good-bye to their Lower School Houses, and  Fourth Form sees them join one of the eight single sex Upper School Houses.   The freedom and independence that they are afforded grows, as does the academic expectation as they study for their GCSEs and prepare for A Levels. 

Relationships between staff and pupils continue to develop with average class sizes of 16, and the ever-present mutual respect ensures a positive and collaborative study environment.   

In the Fifth Form, pupils take the COA Preview Careers questionnaire, supported by a series of psychometric tests.  These results then feed into career discussions, prior to making A level decisions.

Outside of the classroom, pupils are stretched and challenged.  They move towards high-level Adventures and all Fourth Form are given the opportunity to spend 24 hours aboard the Jolie Brise - for many this is a start of a lifelong passion for sailing.  Opportunities to be involved in performing arts are plentiful and sports continue to play an important role in daily school life.  Whatever the particular interests of a pupil are, now is the time for those to flourish.

I look forward to getting to know all of our Middle School pupils and supporting them as and when needed. 

Will Walker, Head of Middle School

Clubs and Activities

Dauntsey's prides itself on the huge range of clubs, societies and activities that exist to provide enrichment and breadth to the academic curriculum. 

GCSE Years

The GCSE curriculum is followed in the Fourth and Fifth Forms and is designed to provide the best possible preparation for life in the Sixth Form and beyond.

Middle School Adventure

Accessible to High

At this age, pupils can begin to take responsibility for organising some of their own adventures, for learning to self-manage as a group, and for providing leadership to their peers.