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Life At Dauntsey's

Warmth, laughter and lasting friendships, built on trust and mutual respect, are the hallmarks of daily life at Dauntsey’s. 

Friendship, happiness and a willingness to have a go are all hallmarks of daily life at Dauntsey’s.  Visit the school on any day and you will find a busy community where pupils are challenged to question and explore – both inside and outside the classroom.   

Our house system is the cornerstone of our community, with every pupil assigned to one of 12 houses.  The houses give pupils a secure source of support and guidance in every aspect of life, as well as the chance to get together and have fun.

For tuition, pupils are divided, according to year group, into three ‘schools’; Lower, Middle and Sixth Form.  Academic study starts with a broad range of subjects and progresses to the Sixth Form where students typically select three A levels plus one additional area of focus.  In parallel to academic studies, there is a comprehensive complementary curriculum which bridges the gap between classroom and life skills, with the aim of equipping pupils to make informed choices, whether they are dealing with the complexity of relationships, balancing a budget or deciding where to cast a vote.

Alongside studies, students have the choice of an enviable selection of sports, clubs, societies and extra-curricular activities.  Everyone is encouraged to try something new, be it a new sport, joining a drama club, playing an instrument, trying street dance or learning how to look after bees.  The possibilities are endless.

Thinking about others is an important part of the culture at Dauntsey’s and this reaches into all aspects of life at the school.  We frequently share our facilities with local schools and sports clubs, we regularly welcome the local community to the school for lectures and events, and pupils are often busy raising funds for our chosen charity.  There is rarely a week that passes without some kind of fund-raising effort happening around the school.

Education isn’t confined to a classroom, I want our pupils to gain practical skills, to learn more about themselves and work within a team as well as enjoy a welcome contrast to the intensity of the exams.
Mark Lascelles, Head Master

Academic Life

Throughout the school the curriculum is broad and balanced, offering opportunity to study an extensive range of subjects.


Adventure is an essential part of life at Dauntsey’s – not simply an event but something that teaches invaluable life skills and changes attitudes and behaviour for the better.


Sport is an integral part of daily life at Dauntsey's, opportunities are wide ranging and everywhere.

Clubs and Activities

Dauntsey's has a huge range of co-curricular activities and with two long breaks scheduled everyday pupils have plenty of time for their chosen activity.

Our Food

Our primary focus is ensuring that there is an abundance of choice for all pupils, catering for different likes and dislikes, dietary requirements and appetite sizes.

Image Galleries

View some of our highlights from recent years to get a sense of what life at Dauntsey's is like. 

The Tuck Shop

Open during break times, prep time and in the evenings, the Tuck Shop is a popular meeting place for pupils during the day.

Here you can buy confectionery, snacks, soft drinks, and catch up with friends over a cup of hot chocolate, under the kindly and watchful eye of Kym and Caz, the Tuck Shop ladies, whose motto, "No Manners; No Service", is strictly observed by all!