Academic Life

At Dauntsey's, we are proud of our academic reputation and long tradition of exam success. Good grades matter because they are an important step on the way to university and a career, and our examination results have been consistently excellent.

Throughout the School, the curriculum is broad and balanced, offering the opportunity to study an extensive range of subjects. We have developed our own complementary curriculum which starts in the First Form to cover other important areas like current affairs, study skills, mindfulness, critical thinking, money management and global issues.

The timetable offers a great deal of flexibility; there are no set options columns at I/GCSE and A Level, allowing pupils freedom of choice to accommodate their different interests and aptitudes.


Our talented and committed staff deliver teaching that is modern, challenging and inspiring. They ensure that a culture of academic ambition is firmly rooted in the school and we expect our pupils to achieve examination results that they can feel truly proud of.

deputy head (academic), david noble


Exam Results 2021

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