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Complementary Curriculum

Complementary curriculum are timetabled lessons, and not optional extras, demonstrating the importance we attach to this aspect of a Dauntsey’s education.

Pupils are helped to develop self-confidence, learn to take steps in enhancing mental well being, foster empathy and develop an appreciation of individual and collective rights and responsibilities. Complementary Curriculum is where critical thinking, life skills and broadening one’s horizons to consider current affairs are the focus. Outside speakers are invited to the school to talk to different year groups on a variety of topics.

The department's aim is to promote and develop emotional literacy as well as the personal skills and attitudes that our pupils will need to lead happy and fulfilled lives. Lessons draw on pupils' experiences and interests and they are encouraged to take an active role in the lessons.

The Complementary Curriculum is designed to help pupils:

  • Work out how to deal with challenges in their lives, such as friendships, self-confidence and peer pressure, and find ways to look after each other as well as themselves.
  • Keep in touch with what’s going on in the world, from politics to medicine and the environment, encouraging them to form opinions based on evidence, question received opinions and think independently.
  • Understand better the issues and opportunities they may encounter, by bringing in outside speakers with experience of different issues.

The Complementary Curriculum exists to bridge the gap between classroom and life skills, with the aim of equipping our pupils to make informed choices, whether they’re dealing with the complexity of relationships, balancing a budget or deciding where to cast a vote.  We have developed a ‘staircase’ programme with core topics building in depth and detail over each academic year.

Anais Allen, Head of Complementary Curriculum