Exam Results 2020

Our pupils have achieved very impressive exam results this year in both their A level and GCSE examinations.

For A-levels, results are as we had hoped with an impressive 20.2% A* grades, 51% A* or A and 81% A* - B.  Many congratulations to the 146 Upper Sixth Formers who achieved them.  These grades are a fitting reward for their efforts.

Of 151 university applicants, including pupils who left in previous years, 92% will take up places at their chosen universities, with 84% at their ‘firm’ choice and 8% at their ‘insurance’ choice.  The top eight destinations are Exeter, Cardiff, Nottingham, Reading, Durham, Oxford Brookes, Birmingham and Leeds, while pupils also have places at Oxford, Cambridge, in the USA and in Monaco.  One pupil has also landed a coveted place on the Dyson Degree Apprenticeship Scheme and five others are heading off to Art Foundation courses.

"I wish this outstanding year group, who made such a tremendous contribution to all aspects of school life, the best of luck as they move on to new challenges.  They suffered the most unfortunate of final years and were also deprived of the opportunity to show their true ability in Public Examinations, but nevertheless made their mark and left the School a better place.  

I would like to thank them for their energy, enthusiasm and commitment over the years and their parents for the tireless support and encouragement that they have provided".
Mark Lascelles, Head Master

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GCSE Results 2020

Congratulations to our Fifth Formers on an excellent set of GCSE results.  An impressive 26% of all entries were at grade 9, 70% at grades 9-7, and there were many other successes beyond those top grades.

“Even though these results were achieved in bizarre circumstances, this talented year group worked extremely hard to earn their individual grades and deserved to do well.

Finally, my thanks to the teaching staff for their hard work and dedication, in what has been a very demanding year”.
Mark Lascelles, Head Master

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