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Sixth Form

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Lower and Upper Sixth (Years 12 and 13)

The Sixth Form curriculum at Dauntsey’s is designed to provide the best possible preparation for life beyond school. Pupils are therefore offered the opportunity for real breadth of study, with a free choice of subjects rather than fixed option columns, as well as considerable opportunity for academic enrichment.

The average class size at Sixth Form is nine.

Twenty-eight subjects are offered at A level.  All our A Level courses are two-year linear courses with public examinations taken in the Summer Term at the end of the Upper Sixth/Year 13. The move to linear A Levels allows significantly more time for teaching and learning. Teachers are able to stretch pupils who would benefit from more opportunities to explore and learn the subject matter in real depth, while also having the time to help less confident pupils to really get to grips with their courses.

“The Sixth Form has been the best time of my academic life at Dauntsey’s.  I am now studying the subjects I really enjoy – and have some talent for! – and the teachers really encourage debate and ‘out of the box’ thinking in our lessons.”Upper Sixth Former


Art and Design

A Level Art and Design is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their personal responses to the world around us.

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The study of Biology aims to develop your understanding of biological facts, concepts and principals through experimental and investigatory work and independent research. 

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The A Level Chemistry course aims to develop understanding and knowledge of the subject through practical work and contemporary contexts. 

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Complementary Curriculum

The overall aim of this programme is to encourage students to think about matters that are not normally covered by their academic studies, as well as providing them with practical skills in the wider world. 

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Computer Science

This course gives an insight into a range of computing systems and includes developing an understanding of the principles of programming, computational thinking and the solution of problems.

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A Level Dance is a dynamic qualification which encourages students to develop their creative and intellectual capacity, alongside transferable skills such as team working, communication and problem solving.

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Design and Technology

A Level Product Design enables seamless transition into studying a wide range of courses at university, such as Architecture, Industrial Design, Product Design and Engineering as well as higher level apprenticeships in related subjects.

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Drama and Theatre

It is important that candidates are interested in gaining a greater understanding of how theatre and plays work and are keen to be involved with performances.

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On the course, students will develop an understanding of economic concepts and theories by investigating and analysing current economic issues and problems that affect everyday life.

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English Language

English Language A Level focuses on the development of an analytical response to data, 'real' texts and theoretical frameworks. 

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English Literature

Students who choose the A Level English Literature course will spend much of the Lower Sixth year studying the literary genre of tragedy. 

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At A Level, we aim to give students a high level of language skills, together with a knowledge of the culture and history of the French-speaking world. 

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Geography is a broad-based subject and can be suitably combined with almost any other subject option.

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German speakers are in high demand amongst UK employers and German remains the language used in many scientific journals. 

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History can be combined with any other subjects to gain access to the most competitive university courses. 

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History of Art

A Level History of Art is the historical, theoretical and critical study of both western and eastern art and architecture. 

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Latin complements a wide range of other subjects because of the skills it encourages. 

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Leadership, Sport and Adventure (LSA)

Dauntsey’s own unique award which provides you with an opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses, to challenge yourself, to broaden your understanding of teamwork and leadership, and to give back to the School community.

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Maths for Science

'Maths for Science' has been designed to give pupils the Maths skills that are necessary to access the Sciences at A Level. 

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A Level Music is highly regarded by universities, regardless of the subject studied. 

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A Level photography is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to develop their personal response to the world around us 

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Physical Education

This course has a strong scientific element, but this is balanced by the presence of the social, historical, cultural and contemporary aspects of the syllabus. 

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Physics A Level

Physicists look for all the hidden laws that explain why every physical thing in the known universe exists, where it comes from and why it behaves the way it does. 

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Politics is well regarded by universities, especially for those interested in careers in politics, journalism and the media.

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Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, the fastest growing language on the internet and of greatest demand in the USA.

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Complementary Curriculum

The curriculum broadens again, built around a mix of compulsory and optional modules.  The students select three of the following five areas: first aid, money management, car maintenance, employability and self-defence.  Developing these skills can be very helpful to pupils when they are looking for holiday work or jobs during a gap year.

In the summer, a series of speakers visit the school to inspire, broaden horizons and encourage thinking outside the accepted norm. Therefore, Sixth Formers might hear from an adventurer, a former drug dealer, a project dedicated to safety at festivals, an expert on the Arab world, a war photographer or someone living with a brain tumour.

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Learning Support

Providing strategies for learning within the mainstream educational environment.

Beyond Dauntsey's

When pupils arrive at Dauntsey's they begin a planned careers guidance programme reflecting the fact that choosing a career is a process and not an event.

EPQ and LSA - Three plus One

Extended Project Qualification and Leadership Sport and Adventure are both available as an additional qualification alongside A Levels.