Complementary Curriculum (& PSE)

From September 2015, PSE came under the umbrella of complementary curriculum. For the first time, the First and Second Forms will receive a double lesson per week. Personal and social education is where "the other 3R's" are explored. These are respect, responsibility and relationships.

Pupils are helped to develop self-confidence, learn to take steps in enhancing mental well being, foster empathy and develop an appreciation of individual and collective rights and responsibilities. Complementary Curriculum is where critical thinking, life skills and broadening one’s horizons to consider current affairs are the focus. Outside speakers are invited to the school to talk to different year groups on a variety of topics.

The department's aim is to promote and develop emotional literacy as well as the personal skills and attitudes that our pupils will need to lead happy and fulfilled lives. Lessons draw on pupil's experiences and interests and they are encouraged to take an active role in the lessons.

In the Third Form each pupil has one 35-minute team-taught lesson once a week throughout the academic year. Pupils in the Fourth Form have one 35-minute lesson a week throughout the year for PSE and complementary curriculum and the Fifth Form have a double period once a week of complementary curriculum on topics ranging from Radicalisation, Gender and the Media to the Rule of Law. Although Lower Sixth Formers have no formal lessons, they are given the opportunity to attend seminars on varying topics from guest speakers and the general studies programme also accommodates a range of pertinent topics.