Computer Science

Computer Science introduces students to the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications.

Computing skills, including programming and computational thinking are becoming increasingly important in today’s world and current educational thinking reflects this. Computer Science is offered as an IGCSE option in the Fourth and Fifth Forms and as an A Level option in the Sixth Form. This valuable subject helps students to develop a range of transferable skills, such as problem-solving and analytical thinking, whilst providing challenging new opportunities to explore.

In the Lower School, students cover a range of topics to help develop their computational thinking skills, including programming, web development, computer architecture, computer graphics, encryption, databases and more. At the same time, students build their confidence and knowledge of software, which is essential to success in the digital age, and are taught how to interact with a digital society in ways which are safe and secure.

The facilities available to staff and students are extensive and include some 300+ workstations connected to a distributed network. Filtered internet access is available at all workstations and in the boarding houses through multiple broadband connections. High speed Wifi is available throughout the school for roaming access on mobile devices.

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A level: OCR

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