In the English Department, we come in to work in the morning to develop critical thinking skills in our pupils, asking them to analyse, question and think effectively about the material with which they are presented in their lives.

We want pupils, by the time that they complete their compulsory English lessons, to be able to use language with a high degree of proficiency, to communicate well in any situation and to express themselves precisely.

We believe that reading, using these skills, gives a real pleasure and helps to develop the whole person. We believe that the variety of life that can be experienced through literature can be of enormous help to young people as they discover and develop their identities.

Working closely with as wide a variety of texts as possible, understanding their language and their structure, will help to encourage a creative, imaginative and empathetic approach to the world, on which we place a high value.

We prepare pupils for Edexcel’s IGCSE courses in English Language (Specification A) and English Literature, for the English Literature B Specification at A Level, and for the AQA English Language A Level.


Examination Boards

English Language IGCSE: Edexcel
English Literature IGCSE: Edexcel
English Language A level: AQA
English Literature A level: AQA

Article: Dauntsey's Dozen

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