At Dauntsey's all pupils have the opportunity to learn French from the First Form.

After the initial carousel system, where French, German, Latin and Spanish are studied, pupils then choose to continue with two languages in the Second and Third Form. It is hoped that all our linguists will continue with two languages up to GCSE.

Pupils who continue to GCSE and beyond are able to take part in a language study trip, which is for Fifth and Sixth Forms only, although sometimes Fourth Form pupils are invited. For those in the Second Form, the French and German Departments alternate in organising a study trip at the end of the Summer Term.

Pupils who learn French at Dauntsey's over a period of seven years will leave the School with the ability to communicate in French and read widely in the language (not just magazines, but literature too). They will also share with us a passion for French culture: art, music, cuisine, fashion and cinema. Not least, they will be able to participate in all these things in French and will be able to deepen their understanding of the people of France and La Francophonie. Literally, a whole new world will open up to them.

The French Department is made up of two full-time members of staff, and two part-time members of staff who also teach another language.

Examination Boards

GCSE: Edexcel
A level: AQA

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