Learning Development

The aim of the Learning Development Department is to support pupils with mild specific learning difficulties within a mainstream class environment. Dauntsey's is not a specialist school but we do have qualified specialist teachers devoted to supporting pupils with mild learning difficulties.

Support lessons are once a week, lasting 35 minutes and on a one to one basis. Support lessons are charged on the school bill and pupils do not miss any school lessons to attend them.

The aim of the specialist support lessons is to provide strategies for learning and language development within a mainstream educational environment. These include: study skills, revision support and multi-sensory teaching to develop literacy and numeracy.

Parents need to submit educational psychologist assessment reports with evidence of their child's specific learning disabilities on application to Dauntsey's School. Pupils will not be able to receive extra support in this department without written confirmation of their difficulties.

Pupils receive access arrangements in public exams on confirmation of specific learning difficulties following an educational assessment. This must be carried out after consultation with the SENCO no earlier than Year 9 by a chartered educational psychologist or a suitably qualified assessor. Evidence of need and normal way of working from a pupil’s subject teachers is also required.

Jo Leeming

Jo Leeming

Head of Learning Support

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