Religious Studies

Religion, philosophy and ethics is one of the most intellectually stimulating subjects in the curriculum.

The subject matter is very diverse, covering theological, philosophical, ethical, psychological, spiritual, historical and social questions. The department hopes to be able to contribute to the spiritual development of pupils by offering a positive and supportive environment of study and an atmosphere of openness to explore issues of faith and doubt in the world today.

The department aims to offer an academically rigorous and balanced programme of study throughout the School. All courses are taught from a non-confessional standpoint and from the conviction that pupils should be given the freedom to develop their own views. The increasing diversity of beliefs and cultures within the School is respected and is reflected in the academic courses in the First to Fifth Forms. At A level pupils focus on Christianity, philosophy and ethics.

To complement the learning in the classroom, the department offers opportunities to visit places of religious and ethical interest. In March 2017, the Upper School visited Rome and in December 2017, the Lower School travelled to India. Further possible trips include Auschwitz, Berlin, Jordan and Israel.

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A level: OCR

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