The Curriculum

The curriculum throughout the School is broad and balanced, offering all pupils the opportunity to study an extensive range of subjects.

Lessons are delivered by specialist teachers in a challenging, stimulating environment that is conducive to a positive, enjoyable learning experience for the pupils. We are keen to promote independent learning, enabling pupils to fulfil their potential and develop a range of key skills needed in later life.

The timetable offers a great deal of flexibility with a well-structured weekly lesson arrangement and the extensive options system, provides well for the different interests and aptitudes of all pupils. There are eight 35-minute periods on each weekday and six periods on a Saturday morning, giving a total of 46 lessons in the weekly cycle. Many lessons, particularly in the Upper School, are taught as double periods.

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The School makes it cool to learn and we are taught to value others’ achievements too. The teachers are excellent, they are interested and interesting – and sometimes amazingly kind.”

third form pupil