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Middle School Adventure

As pupils progress up through the school they will move from ‘accessible adventure’ opportunities to ‘high adventure’.  This is where they begin to take on more challenging activities, testing their personal resilience, strength and determination that much more.

At this age, pupils can begin to take responsibility for organising some of their own adventures, for learning to self-manage as a group, and for providing leadership to their peers.

Fourth Form

Trek to The Stones

This independent expedition sees Fourth Form pupils walking from the school to the famous stone circle at Avebury, camping overnight on the way. Self-sufficient teams choose their own routes with most opting to cover more than 50 kilometers over the two days.

Sailing on the Jolie Brise

All Fourth Form are given the opportunity to spend 24 hours aboard the Jolie Brise.  For many this is a start of a lifelong passion for sailing. 

Fifth Form

Post GCSE Programmes

These take place in the week after the last GCSE examination and are open to all pupils in the Fifth Form. There is a range of options available and all are designed to provide pupils with specific skills and attitudes that will be useful as they progress into the Sixth Form. Some of these will be practical, like CPR or cooking, others will affect many areas of their lives, such as teamwork or leadership. Above all they are designed to be fun to take part in.

Options in the past have included life-guarding, flying school, cookery, a Jurassic adventure and the Dauntsey's Leadership Academy.