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Clubs & Activities

Dauntsey's prides itself on the huge range of clubs, societies and activities that exist to provide enrichment and breadth to the academic curriculum. The most successful Dauntseians are those who work hard, play hard and are willing to give it a go.

All clubs are run by enthusiastic members of staff and many of these clubs have been started at the direct request of pupils. For example, the girls’ cricket club is a fairly recent addition to the school's clubs programme. The girls are very enthusiastic and train twice a week in the Summer Term, play fixtures and on occasion join in mixed training nets sessions. Two long breaks are scheduled during the day giving pupils plenty of time for their chosen activities. 

Boys playing squash

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Bee Keeping Club

Bee Club runs every Monday for the first half of the Autumn Term, starting again in the second part of the Spring Term and all through the Summer Term. 

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Big Band

Big Band is the place to come if you are looking for a large ensemble experience with an emphasis on energy and enjoyment.

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Board Games Club

A weekly club where you can come and join in playing a range of strategy-based board games to pit your wits against your friends and have a bit of fun. 

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Brecons Challenge

The Brecons Challenge is an annual event in which pairs of Lower Sixth students take part in an energetic adventure race across the National Park.

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Chemistry Olympiad Group

We meet on a weekly basis to informally discuss, attempt and dissect challenging Chemistry questions in order to prepare for the RSC Chemistry Olympiad in January and the Lower Sixth Cambridge Chemistry Challenge in June.  

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Chinese Club

Learn about Chinese culture, write using traditional ink and brushes, try some home made Chinese treats, and more.

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Christian Union

Dauntsey's Christian Union meets weekly in the Upper Room providing a supportive community and a quiet space for pupils to meet and encourage one another. 

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Classical Board Games Club

In this club, we do classical board games, including Labyrinth, Horrible Histories, This is Sparta, Zeus on the Loose, Top Trumps (gods, emperors and heroes) and Cluedo (the Roman villa version).

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Classics - Making Stuff Club

In this club, we make classical stuff, including a ballista (a Roman siege engine), a castra (a Roman fort), a villa (a Roman house), a mosaic, a Greek vase, a paper model of a gladiator (fiendishly tricky).

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Computing Club

Computing Club offers an opportunity for all pupils to develop their skills in programming, web development, Photoshop and cyber-security.  

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Concert Band

This is a large ensemble for players usually at Grade 4 and above, including wind, brass, percussion and bass guitar.

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Students are welcome to consider whether they would like to make the significant personal commitment of being confirmed into the Christian church. 

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Cookery Club

Ten weekly session in the Autumn Term and five in the Spring Term at Vaughan's Cookery School in Devizes, designed to cover all basic cooking skills. 

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Dance Clubs

These include contemporary, ballet, commercial, musical theatre, tap, GNI (Boys dance club) and tumbling. 

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Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race

Paddled each Easter weekend, this 125 mile canoe race draws competitors from many walks of life, either pupils of schools or private competitors from around the world. 

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Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

The 'DofE' Award Scheme is a nationally organised scheme of activities for young people involving an expedition in teams of four to seven, physical recreation, learning a skill (hobby) and giving service to the community. 

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Dust Off

Dust off your violins is an exciting club that allows ex-violinists to get the violin out of its case and remember that music is fun!

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EAL Club

All are welcome to come along to the EAL Department on Wednesdays during long break to help with the EAL Podcast, have a chat, play board games and have hot drinks and biscuits. 

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Enterprise in Action

Enterprise in Action is a programme for Lower Sixth Form Business students that helps them to apply their A Level learning to a real business situation. 

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Filmmaking Club

The Filmmaking Club will offer an introduction to life on a professional film set, outlining the various roles which exist. 

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Flute Group

Flute group gives young flautists the opportunity to work on their ensemble skills in a relaxed and encouraging environment.

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Girls' Cricket Club

As with the boys, this club will be run as a fun softball session, with group coaching, leading in to hard ball nets, where appropriate. 

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Girls' Football Club

The Girls' Football Club is a chance for pupils of all abilities to come along and have fun playing a game they love or want to try for the first time. 

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Handicraft Club

A weekly club that introduces many crafting techniques including: making your own friendship bracelets, jewellery and greeting cards. 

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All are welcome to come along to the EAL Department on Thursdays during long break for discussions and a hot drink.  

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Lego Mindstorms

This is a pupil led group for those who would like to gain experience in building robots and learning how to programme them.

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Rifle Club

The Rifle Club shoots (.22mm rifles) during prep sessions from Monday to Thursday at the Sandleaze Rifle Club in Potterne.  

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Sixth Form Cookery Course

This 100-hour course offers an internationally recognised qualification which will help pupils gain employment as hosts in ski chalets, holiday villas or as yacht crew or junior chefs in a commercial kitchen. 

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Sixth Form Film Club

Sixth Form Film Club has been running since January 2019 and has gone from strength to strength, welcoming new members at every session. 

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Sports Scholars

The Sports Scholars are supported and extended beyond their games sessions with an exercise programme designed to challenge and further enhance their physical literacy. 

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Squash Coaching

Squash coaching is available to all pupils and is provided by professional coaches four days a week by prior arrangement. 

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STEM Club allows pupils with a keen interest in science, technology, engineering and maths to spend time exploring these areas in a fun and relaxed environment.

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Tech Club

The Tech Crew provides lighting, sound and AV support for most events such as studio plays, the Christmas production, house parties, concerts, lectures and the Summer Festival

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The 17 Club

An elected committee of house representatives of Upper Sixth students run the 17 Club and organise a variety of events throughout the academic year. 

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