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Life of a Day Pupil

Each morning more than 500 day pupils join our boarders. Most travel to and from school by bus; with 13 buses arriving each morning from across the county (and beyond), six days a week.

All day pupils, like boarders, join a house, which are mixed in the Lower School and single sex from age 14-18. The houses provide a secure source of support and guidance in every aspect of life, as well as place to get together and have fun. 

In all other aspects of school life, the day pupils and boarders are fully integrated. Boarders make friends with local pupils, and day pupils benefit from the many events and opportunities on offer beyond the school day.  If a day pupil is involved in a school production or show, they are welcome to stay for supper when taking part in rehearsals or extra classes.

In the Lower School we run a ‘Friends on Friday’ system where boarders can invite a day pupil for a sleepover at The Manor.  This is hugely popular and really helps create close friendships between pupils.

As a six-day-a-week school, with boarding at its heart and extracurricular activities woven into each day, we can strike a balance between academic lessons and developing other interests. Evening events, such as lectures, drama and musical performances, are as much open to our day pupils as our boarders - Saturday night socials and Sunday outings are often popular as well.

I love being a day pupil at Dauntsey’s – my friends are a mix of other day pupils and boarders and I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to stay in school for supper if I need to, or to go home once lessons are over.  I am in the hockey team so love the matches at the weekend – there is such a great team spirit!

Fifth Form Pupil

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Lower School Houses


Forbes House has become known for its musical and performing talents, it is also recognised for its caring, kind and inclusive atmosphere. 


Rendell House provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere for pupils and enjoys many social events throughout the year such as a pizza and bowling trip.


Scott prides itself on its friendly atmosphere and is a popular meeting place for many Lower School pupils. 


Upper School Houses


Boys day House

The culture of the House is one of involvement in everything that Dauntsey's has to offer.


Boys Day House

Hemens boys are asked to consider others in the House and beyond, to respect them for their strengths and to help them in their weaknesses.


Girls Day House

King-Reynolds has a strong tradition in music and drama.


Girls Day House

The atmosphere in Lambert is friendly, cheerful and informal.