Dauntsey's has a strong musical tradition and a distinguished reputation for musical activities and achievements. Music plays an important part in the life of the School and whether it be academically, socially or spiritually, music touches the life of every Dauntseian.

The Music Department aims to develop in all pupils the skills, knowledge and understanding that will facilitate an active appreciation of music. Whereas some pupils may go on to a music-related career, and others may continue to enjoy music as a leisure activity, it is an important principle at Dauntsey's that all have access to a musical education.

Music's unique ability to promote children's intellectual, physical and social development has long been recognised, and it is specifically through music that pupils learn and develop the inherent skills of self-discipline, eye-hand co-ordination, attention to detail, the artistic quality of striving for the highest standard of attainment, as well as the ability to participate within a focused, team activity.








Above all, performing should be fun. When we enjoy ourselves, we learn more effectively and challenges are merely a temporary inconvenience. Our pupils sing and play their hearts out – and we applaud them.

director of music (Instrumental and performance), kerry vaughan


Barron Prize 2021

Leavers recital 2021

Autumn Recital 2021

Gilliat Prize for Singing 2021


School concerts are numerous and varied. These range in style from informal evenings of chamber music to jazz and rock extravaganzas and include formal choral and orchestral concerts. A wide range of instrumental lessons are offered and many pupils learn at least one instrument.

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