Concerts and recitals

With 19 school ensembles, ranging from jazz and folk to choirs, a dance band and orchestras, plus 18 bands who perform at our annual RockFest and our big musical productions, around 60 per cent of pupils are actively involved in music.

Numerous concerts and recitals are presented, at varying levels of formality, throughout the year, enabling individuals and ensembles to have appropriate targets to work towards. Participating in a concert helps pupils to get to know people from different parts of the School. It is common to see a Lower School student performing alongside one of our Sixth Formers, working together as equals. What matters is ability and experience.

The benefits

Both listening to music and playing an instrument stimulate the brain, improve concentration and help to develop listening and social skills. Singing, in particular, improves breathing and mood, which is invaluable when faced with the stresses of academic work.

Enhanced mathematical skills have also been observed in many advanced musicians and those children with a good musical ear can often pick up languages more quickly as they recognise and learn the different tones in a foreign language more quickly than children without musical training.