Performing Arts News

In The Heights

A cast of 160 pupils, supported by more than 30 technical crew and band members, have delighted sell-out audiences with a challenging, energetic and exciting production of In the Heights.

Living with Lady Macbeth

Living with Lady Macbeth, a comedy by Rob John, was staged at Dauntsey’s last week over a three day run.

Lower School Music Competition 2019

From over 45 performances, eight pupils were invited to perform in the final of the Lower School Music Competition on the evening of Tuesday 22 October.

Art School Summer Exhibition 2019

The Art School Summer Exhibition was again enjoyed by many, the glorious weather allowing for guests to spill into the gardens with canapé and wine glass in hand, whilst listening to some beautiful pieces played on the piano.

Danny, Champion of the World

Over the course of 5 evenings two casts, made up over 80 pupils, performed Danny Champion of the World in the Memorial Hall.

Dance Showcase

This week, more than 95 pupils took part in Dauntsey’s Dance Showcase; a celebration of dance featuring 22 different performances from all of our dance clubs, GCSE and A Level lessons that run throughout the year.

The Pillowman

The Pillowman, a dark drama by Martin McDonagh, was staged here at Dauntsey’s last week over a three night run.