At Dauntsey's we believe that sport plays an essential role in the development of character and should be an integral part of daily life at School.

As well as developing physical skills and fitness, participation in sport builds confidence, resilience and mental toughness. It gives pupils a real sense of achievement, extends their leadership skills and teaches them the importance of teamwork and discipline. All of these are vital life skills that are easily transferable into many other aspects of life. However, enjoyment is essential and our aim is to provide ‘sport for all’ whilst pursuing excellence for the most talented individuals.

As well as our major sports of rugby, hockey, football, basketball, cricket, athletics and tennis for the boys and hockey, netball, athletics and tennis for the girls, we run a thriving extra-curricular programme. This allows pupils to represent the School in such sports as swimming, rifle shooting, fencing and equestrian.

I love the variety of sports and the amount of time that we get to enjoy them – being part of a team, working towards a common goal and keeping active and fit at the same time.

Fifth form pupil

What Sports are offered at Dauntsey's?

Sport needs to be challenging for all pupils and we are proud that our most able proceed on to county, regional or national level. Our ‘sport for all’ ethos means that we aim to field as many teams as possible to allow most of our pupils to represent the school.

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