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Urgent Notices

In this area urgent notices regarding changes or cancellations to fixtures will be posted by the Sports Department. We recommend checking this section before attending a fixture.

Saturday 19th October:

Rugby - 2nd XV vs Prior Park has been cancelled bu Prior Park.

Rugby - 3rd XV vs Prior Park 2nd XV is an addition.

Rugby - Colts B vs Prior Park has been cancelled by Prior Park.

Girls' Hockey - U14A vs Prior Park is now home at 3.15pm.

Girls' Hockey - U15B vs Prior Park is now away at 2.15pm.

Thursday 7th November:

Girls' Hockey - 3rd & 5th XI vs Clayesmore has been cancelled by Clayesmore. 4th XI are now playing against Clayesmore 3rd XI at home.

Saturday 9th November:

Rugby - U15B vs Bishop Wordsworth's School has been cancelled by Bishop Wordsworth's.

Match times and details

Please follow the link to Team Sheets held on the School Intranet for accurate match times. If you are planning some weeks ahead then please download the fixtures summary sheets below.
Please note that the most up to date information regarding timings will be found on the Team Sheets

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