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Our Community

Warmth, laughter and lasting friendships, built on trust and mutual respect, are the hallmarks of daily life at Dauntsey’s. 

Our 340 boarders are at the heart of our school community and are joined each morning by over 530 day pupils.

At the heart of our community is the House system, which creates a feeling of belonging and collective responsibility. The Lower School (First to Third Form or Years 7-9) comprises of four mixed houses, three day and one boarding; in the Upper School (Fourth Form to Upper Sixth or Years 10-13) pupils are moved into one of four single-sex boarding houses or one of four single-sex day houses.  Each house inevitably reflects something of the personalities of the house staff involved and has its own traditions, but if there is one common thread, it is the strength of the bonds formed between pupils.

The network of care and support extends beyond the house system and reaches every corner of the School; from the teaching staff to the nurses and counsellors, the chaplain to the domestic staff, there is an abundance of staff making sure that the mental, physical and spiritual needs of all pupils are met.

The enthusiasm and general approachability of the staff, along with the promotion of community spirit with all its associated benefits and responsibilities, are what we value most about Dauntsey’s.  We also very much appreciate that pupils are taught respect and confidence, without self-importance.

Dauntsey’s parent

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Dauntsey’s is about striking a balance between care and personal development.

Old Dauntseians

Dauntsey's pupils remain very much part of the Dauntsey's community long after leaving school.

Our Parents

The Dauntsey’s community goes far beyond simply those who spend their days inside the school gates.