Boarding at Dauntsey's

Dauntsey's has a thriving boarding community, which makes up some 50 per cent of pupil numbers in the Upper School. For some, boarding is a necessity, as their parents live far away from the School. For others who live closer, it’s a matter of choice.

Boarders live in one of the five boarding houses, each one being staffed by house-parents who live on-site with their families. The boarding houses rapidly become home-from-home and fellow boarders become extended family.

Each house buzzes with a life of its own. Boarding staff recognise the importance of a balance between work and social life. Academic support, with an emphasis on independent learning, is offered as are a range of fun weekend activities which encourage friendship. Even though pupils can leave after Saturday school and matches (and occasionally during the week), many of them choose to stay to enjoy activities that range from fancy dress parties and quiz and film nights to barbecues, theatre trips and meals out.


boarding at Dauntsey's


Being a Housemaster is a vocation – it becomes your entire life. We’re here 24 hours a day and, at any time of day or night, the boys can come to us for conversation, advice or counselling. I want them to feel safe and secure – that people are on their side. They need to know they can share anything.

house master (mercers' house), Mark kinder


Lower School Boarding

The Manor provides an exceptionally warm and friendly 'home-from-home' for younger boarders and will feel very familiar to those arriving at Year 9 from prep school, who instantly become senior pupils, rather than the youngest in a senior boarding house.

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