Upper School Boarding

As the Manor boys and girls move into one of the four, single-sex, senior boarding houses on the main site, they continue to enjoy a wide selection of in-house and inter-house events and activities.

Entertainment within houses can range from quiz nights, BBQs, fancy dress parties, restaurant meals, cinema and theatre visits to wellie throwing and talent shows! The 17 Club is run by Sixth Formers and pupils organise their own social programmes, including the popular trips to Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London and the Valentine's Ball.

As an increasing number of teenagers make a positive choice to board for their last two years, the senior boarding community welcomes new members in the Sixth Form. New boarders cut out travelling time, develop some independence before embarking on university life, and their arrival contributes a healthy input to the dynamics of the existing community.

Each house inevitably reflects something of the personalities of the house staff involved, and each has its own traditions, but if there is one common thread it is the sense of loss on leaving and the strength of the bonds formed whilst there. In the words of a boarding pupil: "It is an enviable experience".

Upper School Boarding

Boarding makes you grow up a lot and gives you an advantage when you leave. You get to know everyone you live with so much better than anyone else. The Evans girls are like my sisters.

Evans house pupil

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As a six-day-a-week School with boarding at its heart and extracurricular activities woven into the day, we can strike a balance between academic lessons and developing other interests. Evening events, such as lectures, drama and musical performances, are open to day pupils as well as our boarders, while Saturday night socials and Sunday outings are often highlights of the week.