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Humans of Dauntsey's

Humans of Dauntsey’s is a project that has been percolating for some time now. We have always felt that our school is unique, one that is more about the people than just the place. Humans of Dauntsey’s is a window into the many varied people who make up or community. It’s a little glimpse into the lives of those who make our environment such a happy and inclusive place.

My thanks all who have shared their stories, and I do hope that many more will be part of it going forward. It has been nothing short of a privilege to interview our ‘humans’. They have shared personal stories, wisdom and advice and I am hugely grateful to everyone who has allowed us a glimpse into their lives. Will Wrench has been inspirational to work with, and I thank him for his dedication, his proactiveness and his ability to understand his subjects in such a wholly empathetic way.

I look forward to sharing many more stories in the years to come.

Justine Wall