Aurora Paris


Aurora left Dauntsey’s in 2017 and continued her studies at Hartpury University, completing a BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy with an Integrated Placement Year.  She completed her placement at Bath Rugby working with the Premiership team and the Academy.  She is about to start a year at Millfield School as a Sports Therapist, providing injury assessments, treatments and preventative measures to athletes across a wide range of sports.  Following this year in Industry, she has been offered a place to study a Masters in Physiotherapy.

What was your favourite subject at school?  Is there a particular teacher who brought the subject to life for you?

Drama was probably my favourite as it really allowed me to grow in confidence, and I think, without this skill, I wouldn’t be brave enough to put myself out there for these opportunities.  Rikki Jackson and Mr Collison really helped me through a lot and I thank them massively for shaping the person I am today.

Looking back on your time at Dauntsey’s, how did you find the experience?

So many ups and downs, it was a real personal journey for me, but I learnt so much about myself and how to handle situations in a positive manner.

What’s your best memory of Dauntsey’s?

It has to be performing in Billy Elliot alongside my little brother and the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform in the West End.  Whenever I get nervous about exams now, I think back to the time I successfully performed in front of hundreds of people on a West End stage!

Did everything go according to plan once you left Dauntsey’s?

Pretty much.  I never thought I would actually go to University as I’m not a big fan of academic work but I was very fortunate to receive an unconditional offer from my first choice of University.  The experience at Hartpury has been interesting, but I’ve worked hard and am building towards a future in professional rugby.

In what ways do you think your time at Dauntsey’s helped you prepare for life after school?

It helped me build the confidence to approach people and to become comfortable working independently and in a team.  It encouraged me not to be afraid to be my own person, not to care what other people think and have the right mentality to achieve success.

Do you have any advice for Sixth Formers as they prepare to leave Dauntsey’s?

Be your own person!  Don’t be afraid to go out into the world alone to explore and create opportunities for yourself!

Career highlights so far?

Being the lead therapist for the Tonga 7s team at the 2021 Monaco World Rugby 7s repechage.  I know a Tongan player who wondered if I would like to accompany the team to do their taping etc.  Having been interviewed by the main manager, I was told I would be the one and only therapist going, being tasked as the COVID guru, admin expert and a multitude of other unexpected jobs.

This rapidly turned into a lot more than just therapist as their main coach was unable to get out of America and the main manager unable to leave New Zealand.  I turned up to the training camp in the Pyrénées with ten players and only a deputy manager as the other staff member.  These players had been brought from premiership rugby clubs across the UK, France, and Poland, as the main Tongan team were stuck in Tonga. 

It was up to the manager and myself to get these players to become a 7s team.  One week later and we were all in Monaco fighting for a place to attend the Olympics in Japan. 

It was an amazing experience and a great opportunity for someone who had just finished their degree!