Chloe Lockhart


Chloe is a Chartered Architect, working at Weston Wiliamson + Partners (WWP) in London, having studied Architecture at the University of Nottingham.  She leads a team designing and delivering four residential schemes which will contribute to the London Borough of Merton’s housing targets. 

What did you enjoy most about your time at Dauntsey’s?

Dauntsey’s was great.  There was such a huge range of activities to get involved in.  Sport, Music, Drama…it taught me to be a rounded person and to be inquisitive.

What should be on every Dauntsey’s student’s bucket list before they leave?

Work hard and get involved!  There are so many great opportunities. Sports trips abroad were always really great fun.

Did Dauntsey’s affect your choice of further education and career?

Dauntsey’s helped grow my interest in a wide range of subjects, so it actually made it hard to choose a career path!  I chose architecture because it combined a range of subjects which I really enjoyed.

Do you have any final words of wisdom for Sixth Formers as they prepare to leave Dauntsey’s?

Take advantage of the opportunities that Dauntsey’s offers to challenge yourself and get outside of your comfort zone!