Hannah Hollis


Hannah is a Client Consultant at a User Experience (UX) consultancy in London.  UX involves studying human behaviour to design the experience a person has with a brand, often blending the physical with the digital world.  Hannah advises global organisations on how to apply design and technology to create more intuitive and innovative experiences for users.

What was your favourite subject at school?

Definitely History with Mr Spencer.  Never a dull moment, that man could tell a story and a half!

Looking back on your time at Dauntsey’s, how did you find it?

I was a boarder so I still see Dauntsey’s as a home.  What’s better than being a teenager and getting to live with all your mates?  It was the best – the funny little things that happened at school make for hilarious stories in the future.  We only realise once we leave just how rare some of the opportunities open to us at school were – like sailing Tall Ships, the stage shows, the Mercers’ lectures – make sure you do all of them!

What’s your best memory of Dauntsey’s?

I’m an Evans girl to the core, so my fondest memories usually involve Mr Yates giving us girls his very wise advice on boys…but I’m sworn to secrecy on some of those stories!

Did everything go according to plan once you left Dauntsey’s?

Definitely not, I was supposed to be a lawyer!  It was only when applying for law school that I realised the reason I wanted to pursue law was because I was told I’d make a good lawyer.  I’d never even heard of UX.  I have ended up doing loads of stuff I said I’d never do like running marathons and triathlons and living in London.

Do you think your time at Dauntsey’s helped you prepare for life after school?

Dauntsey’s absolutely helped with my career - the opportunity to learn from smart people who can challenge you, and open your mind, equips you with the confidence to be original and create new things in the boardroom.

Do you have any advice for Sixth Formers as they prepare to leave Dauntsey’s?

Make a plan to inspire you and give you direction, but realise that your plan will probably twist, turn and evolve as years go by.  Life throws you some pretty curved balls – expect the unexpected, embrace them, diverge.  You’ll end up in places you never thought you’d be and it’s wonderful.  So whilst a plan is great, don’t sweat too much about sticking to a pre-prescribed path that you ‘think’ you should be on – the chances are it won’t happen anyway.  So trust your gut and do it your way instead.